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Vehicle tracking system

FLOZEN is a best selling item for GPS based tracking of vehicles and valuable assets. These GPS satellite positioning technology to record a vehicle’s movements in real-time.
The tracking system  uses  the GPS satellite  system to  track a vehicle’s movements and transmits that information in a compressed format over the GSM and GPRS network.
These features also bring you the convenience of keeping your vehicle under watch 24*7, whether it’s overnight or while being left in parking lots



     Price + Services Taxes
     1 year Subscription to Online Software
     Onsite Replacement Warranty



☆ Live Tracking                                          
☆ Engine ON/Off by SMS/App  
☆ History Log                                              
☆ Unlimited Notification
☆ Stoppage Report                                     
☆ Give Current Location  
☆ Towing/Parking Alert                             
☆ Provides User Log    
☆ Internal GPS and GSM
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☆ Nearest Vehicle Finder                           
☆ Power Alert                    
☆ Panic/SOS Button                                   
☆ Over Speed Alert            
☆ Voice Monitoring                                     
☆ Over Stay Alert              
☆ Fuel Report                                                     
☆ State Change Alert